There’s power in simplicity

We’re a husband and wife team who are passionately dedicated to helping others live in a healthy and happy state of mind. We strongly believe that everyone deserves to be happy. In fact, we all have the right to be happy. The answers we’re all seeking for in finding happiness, purpose, and peace can only be found by going within — “IT” comes from discovering our Inner Truth.

Ben & Jess

Hello! We’re your self-discovery woo-meisters and mental health optimist dedicated to helping you connect inwards and
discover your truth.


A place to release painful situations from your past and present. You have the right to be happy and our intention is to show you how.  


the blog

Our approach is simple. To weave the lessons consistently found throughout ancient times and to reflect its wisdom alongside today’s proven research in modern science. Bridging the gap of modern science & spirITuality.

If you hang out with us long enough, we'll brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing that you can accomplish anything.

Our Mission

To share the power in connecting to your IT.

And we hold ourselves accountable 
by striving to consistently
meet three specific goals: 

No. 1

End First Responder Suicide

Our ultimate goal is to put an end to first responder suicide – Once and for all. Currently, suicides exceed the numbers reported for on-duty deaths.

No. 2

Be the light

To light the way for others and making sure no one ever has to walk through darkness alone.

No. 3

be the change

To change the game of mental health by making it “coo”l and simple. Bringing new & inspiring approaches to mental resilience.




We believe that the answers we’re all seeking for in finding our happiness, purpose, and peace all come from within.
IT comes from discovering our Inner Truth.




We believe that courageous and vulnerable conversations heal and inspire the collective. These honest conversations are found by connecting to our breath (to inspire) & in speaking our truth.




We believe intentions are everything. Our intention is to ignite your journey inwards so you (re)connect to your IT and be the source of your own happiness.



We offer a new & inspiring approach to hardwiring happiness. Our work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you live, well, happily.

All you need is an open mind. 



Eric Sogard

Major League Baseball Player

“I will forever be grateful for meeting Ben and learning the Wim Hof Method from his teachings. He helped me master techniques that best related to me and it has been a part of my daily routine ever since. Being a Major League Baseball player and always looking for ways to improve, Ben’s teachings has brought me to the next level mentally and physically – both on and off the field.”

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