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breathwork CAN DO FOR YOU

Breathwork techniques are tools for major transformation and powerful discoveries. We perform certain breathwork techniques to immediately improve our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Curious to learn more about the benefits of a breathwork practice? Well, breathe a sigh of relief and prepare to be ‘inspired’ because we’ve got you covered!


The body is an archive of everything we are born with, as well as all the trauma we may have faced. Learning to live with and cope with unresolved traumas is possible, but limits us. What if there was another method, one that seamlessly connects us with ourselves in a positive, supporting, and compassionate way?

Through conscious breathwork you become immediately present of a robust set of resources and mindset tools and a newfound confidence in knowing you are capable of mastering your mind and body. You’ll finally get to know yourself to be the resilient and powerful being you are. 

Breathing practices to strengthen your physical body.

The breath is powerful. The amount of oxygen that we inhale through our breathing, influences the amount of energy that is released into our body cells. Additionally, there are powerful lessons contained within conscious breathwork techniques – using the breath to discover your own tender path inward towards healing unresolved traumas, processing grief, and reducing anxiety.

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Destress, sharpen your focus and boost your energy as Wim Hof Method-Certified Instructor, Ben Dubin, guides you through advanced breathing techniques. 

Everyone can breathe, but not everyone knows how to do it properly.

As the Himalayan monks show, learning how to meditate and breathe properly is basically a superpower.


“Practicing the breathwork is something I look forward to every day. It helps clear my head and chill me out. It’s the first thing I do when I get home from work, makes me immediately feel recharged. It’s the only time I feel like my brain stops thinking about a hundred random things and clears up.”

Firefighter Bradley Williams

Bradley Williams


“Perhaps the biggest benefit is the method teaches how to actually shut down, relax and manually reset your brain. Whenever I can’t sleep, I just do a few rounds of breath and before I know it, I’m relaxed and passed out. If you are interested in investing in your health, this class is definitely worth your investment.”


Jake Schneider


The only limitation you have is YOU.

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You can utilize oxygen and to
optimize and connect your body & mind.

Mental Health Benefits

* Strengthen memory/learning/problem-solving
* Reduce stress and anxiety
* Boost confidence
* Improve mood
* Improve immune system
* Emotional stability
* Quiet Ego
* Increase self awareness
* Improve decision-making
* Decrease pain
* Better sleep


* Control Nervous system
* Strengthen vagus nerves
* Improve immune system
* Alkalize blood
* Increase efficiency of O2 use
* Improve athletic performance and recovery
* Decrease pain
* Altitude resilience
* Increase energy production

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