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We help people like you connect to untapped reservoirs of human potential so you can purposefully live at your optimal state of body and mind.

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The miracle of technology has allowed us to not only reach, but to motivate the masses from around the world. We hold that as an extraordinary honor.
We’re simply amazed and moved by the countless people who tell us that our work (our workshops, meditations, online training programs, community, emails, etc.) has sparked and sustained a profound and meaningful change in their life.
Our work opens people up emotionally, spiritually and creatively. It inspires people to make bold and courageous moves, take action on long-held dreams and live lives they once only imagined, happily.
Curious as to what to expect for your transformation? Find powerful stories from our community right here.


Founder’s Mission


It’s my mission to share the WHM with those who want to learn as well as first responders and veterans suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD. – Ben


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Buffalo, NY course

Colorado Springs Fire Dept. course

Phoenix, AZ

Training with Colorado Springs Fire Department

Buffalo, NY

EXOS Summit

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