Breathwork With Ben

Learn how to consciously activate the most powerful part of your brain (your inner pharmacy) and create the feeling of euphoria whenever you need it.

You have the right to be happy and to feel good every day. Let us show you how!

The only program of its kind to
show you exactly how you can be happy
by showing you what happiness feels like.

Breathe with Ben not only shows you exactly how to be happy, but we do it by showing you what true happiness feels like before you even leave the workshop.  We show you the power of the breath and how you can re-create happinesses whenever you want simply by connecting back to breath – Getting high on your own supply!

Your instructor, Ben Dubin, who’s taken everything he’s learned after training with Wim Hof himself, overcoming multiple surgeries that nearly cost him his dream career, and coaching a wide audience — from first responders, elite athletes, to young adults with traumatic pasts — and putting it all into this 1.5 hour workshop. 

Many of us today live in a state of high stress all the time which is so detrimental to our health and happiness. Some of us have completely forgotten what it even feels like to be relaxed, let alone truly happy.

The cool thing about Breathwork is it can get you out of your mind in just a few minutes. You’ll immediately start to feel physical sensations and then go into a deep meditative state — without needing to know anything about meditation.

You’re already breathing. Why not make the most out of it?

The deets:

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This LIVE event will be held online and taught by Ben. You will receive an email with instructions and the link to attend 24 hours before the event starts — if not sooner. Be sure to sign up as you don’t want to miss this! 



In This LIVE Training

You Will Learn How To...

tap into the the most powerful part of your brain

This breathwork technique allows your brain to reconnect to your most powerful healing areas. Areas that lay dormant simply because they're not activated or utilized in our daily lives. ---
Tapping into these forgotten parts of the brain can be transformational for bipolar, for anxiety, fear, depression, PTSD and trauma. This is the part of the brain that is normally stimulated by opioids and cannabinoids; but imagine being able to consciously activate this part of your brain - your inner pharmacy - and create euphoria whenever you need. "Get high on your own supply" - WIM

Experience a DEEP Meditative State

You will experience a deep meditative state by the end of this workshop! Deeper than those who meditate regularly. Even better, this practice activates your PAG (periaqueductual gray) which is one of the deepest parts of your brain. Normally, this can not be influenced or tapped into even by seasoned practitioners of mindfulness and meditations and we're going to get you there.

Meditation helps you consciously activate deeper parts of your brain that are connected with a sense of absolute wellbeing and power - your highest self.

influence & Improve your immune system.

This practice has been scientifically proven to fight off inflammation using a simple tool which you already have available to you in abundance - your breath. Inflammation is the #1 cause of illness. And in today's times of uncertainty regarding our health, we need this practice more now than ever before.

Control your autonomic nervous system.

Through more than thirty years of training in nature, Wim has developed a method that combines specific breathing techniques, cold exposure and mindset - and we're covering the breathwork portion. This method has been the first to scientifically prove the ability to actively influence the innate immune system and autonomic nervous system.

effortlessly control your response to life's B.S.

Such as stress, fear, and anxiety in a times of uncertainty. Maybe you're looking to mentally reset after the excitement of home-schooling your kiddos this past year of being quarantined. Maybe you want to be sure you're doing everything you can to keep your family safe while you're on the front lines as an essential worker. Either way, this breathwork practice will put you in an optimal state of body while also releasing the hold of painful memories of the past and constant worries of the future.

take back control of your health.

The method unlocks your ability to control of your nervous system and has tremendous mental and physical benefits including quicker recovery, better sleep, improved immune system, and improved energy, amongst others.

But HOW do you THRIVE when you're surrounded by chaos and uncertainty?

By Exercising The Power of Your Breath

In our current times of uncertainty, we have the ability to voluntarily influence our immune system to create white and red blood cells. “We can defy the existent paradigm of what the body is capable of.” – Wim Hof. 


But don’t just take our word for it!

Kristen Moore

Fashion Model

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Joanna Foxx

Fashion Model

Felicity Trump

Fashion Model

"Aliquip quae scipit eros. Anim commodi maiores pharetra, arcu incidunt, omnis iste. Elit tellus, luctus nec ullam corper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo."

"Practicing the breathwork is something I look forward to every day. It helps clear my head and chill me out. It’s the first thing I do when I get home from work, makes me immediately feel recharged. It’s the only time I feel like my brain stops thinking about a hundred random things and clears up.

It also helps a lot that Annjie (wife) and I both took the class and that we have a dedicated breathing room so when one of us heads toward the room the other respects their breathing time."
Bradley Williams
Lieutenant , Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD)
Perhaps the biggest benefit is the method teaches how to actually shut down, relax and manually reset your brain. Whenever I can't sleep, I just do a few rounds of breath and before I know it, I'm relaxed and passed out. If you are interested in investing in your health, this class is worth your investment.
Jake Schneider

Connect To Your "IT"

Whether you are stuck in your head, have difficulty sleeping, or are struggling to find ways to stay healthy and protect your family during our current times of uncertainty, this breathwork class will show you how to reset and take control of your body’s health. Join us and finally learn what it takes to Connect 2 your IT so you can get back to a place where you are living at your optimal state of body and mind. 

A Note From Your Instructor...

You may be thinking, “why I you need breathing classes?” After all, you’ve been breathing all your life!

Well, Breathwork involves specific breathing techniques that have the power to change our physical, mental and emotional states.

Oxygen is the body’s number one fuel source, and increasing oxygen levels in the body brings a whole host of benefits. That’s why elite athletes, Silicon Valley CEOs and world famous performers are turning to Breathwork to feel and perform at their best. And now you can too, without leaving your living room!

It’s so simple! All you need is a comfortable space to lie down as I guide you through the optimal ways to breathe. I’ll lead you through a series of breathing flows that will leave you feeling amazing!

Ben serves as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach through the NSCA, Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, and Firefighter/Paramedic in Tempe, AZ. His mission is to share the WHM with those who want to learn as well as first responders and veterans suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

**If you are a minor and/or pregnant, we advise against practicing the Method. We do not know if the increased adrenaline levels associated with the WHM techniques adversely affect the health of the baby or minor. This is of course a tremendously delicate matter, and we want to be as careful as possible. When the baby is born, you are safe to resume practicing the Method.**


Breathwork With Ben is Now Open!!!

Discover the power that lays in silencing that voice (our inner critic) in your head that never stops talking and learn what genuine happiness feels like.

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